Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mark Birnbaum and His Adventures of Nightlife

Mark Birnbaum, famous as “The New Kings of New York Nightlife” is the celebrity co-founder of New York's exuberant nightlife, hospitality and event-management company named as EMM Group. An enthusiastic chap, Mark started his career in 1998, as a promotion director for nightlife events. His wondrous aim to become the King of Nightlife was perfectly attained with the opening of 22,000 sq. ft. mega-club in the heart of Ithaca city of New York.

Being deliberate in his profession, Mark wondered to open a nightlife consulting company for the commencement of the Lobby Nightclub based in midtown area of Manhattan. Later, this lucky venture fulfilled the utter desire of Mr. Mark Birnbaum to expand it to AER Lounge to offer various public relations, marketing, and event management services to the prospective clients.

Thus, the up-roaring success of Mark Birnbaum is exceptionally commendable. His choice to the work might not interest many people at that time, but his sheer dedication and commitment to it really did! People remember him as the tycoon of the nightlife industry in the New York, who has redefined hospitality and business culture with glittering newer heights.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Mark Birnbaum's Passion Towards Nightlife Party Ventures

If you were asked, where will you go to enjoy New Yorks best nightlife? Your answer would be...let's head to the city's best discotheques, night clubs and amazing spots like the Chandelier Room, SL, Four Hundred, Tenjune, The Estate, Abe & Arthurs, Lexington Brass or Catch. These places are so cool and sophisticated where you can have and enjoy the perfect party experience.

If you are a real party freak like me, then you cannot ignore to be a part of such amazing discotheques, nightclubs and bars, which actually enliven your spirits to have lots of fun. These places have become the best choice among young party goers. Mark Birnbaum has the best selection of venues when looking to have an exotic and fun nightlife experience with your friends. Mark along with partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein founded the EMM Group in 2006, which brought New Yorks nightlife to new heights.

His passion to bring something exciting to the hospitality sector has really paid off, as with the ownership of the Lobby Nightclub, which serves thousands of people with enticing grand parties and functions. Many celebrities have visited these venues many times, adding an extra touch of spice to their roller-coaster parties. Some of the celebrities spotted at this venues include; Carmelo Anthony, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and many more.

His party ventures have been appraised by many dignitaries and celebrities for holding remarkable occasions and events in a vivacious and awesome style. The hospitality ventures launched by EMM Group have not only actualized their dreams, but also those of the potential clients and consumers, who wanted to have the best thrilling experience of the nightlife sector. All the party ventures of the EMM Group, especially the Abe & Arthurs opened by Mark Birnbaum, have become the source of immense satisfaction and pleasure.

Mark is said to be a man with strong-headed decisions, who has overcome all the economic recessions and financial crisis with his courage and perfection. His has the ability and willpower to fight obstacles in order to achieve success. His clarity towards business ethics has giving him rewarding results. Following his uprising achievements, he has been named theKing of Nightlifeby Forbes magazine.