Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum – Fusing the Luxury Nightlife Industry with Innovative Energy

The luxury hospitality industry in New York City has witnessed a multitude of change in the last few years. Few names have played a vital role in bringing about this change, but Mark Birnbaum is one such name that stands out in this list. His overwhelming success in the industry has earned him the title of the “King of New York Nightlife” along with his business partners Eugene Remm and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein. New Yorkers looking for unparallel fun can head to one of his nightspots and rub shoulders with rich and famous alike.

This hospitality mogul has written his success story with his hard work and is not a stranger to risks. His journey started with the launch of 22,000 sq. ft. club in Ithaca and by the year 2002, he started managing things through his company Operative Inc. This company launched Lobby, a premier nightlife destination in the year 2003 that created ripples in the nightlife scene of the city of New York. Lobby paved the way for the AER Lounge that later went on to create history and was even featured in the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine as one of the best partying destinations of the world. The final icing on the cake came with the launch of EMM Group with partners Eugene and Michael. Today, the kitty of EMM Group is full with the best restaurants, nightclubs and a luxury concierge service.

Mark Birnbaum hits the bull’s eye with the theory that in this competitive industry it is important to give the revelers value for their hard-earned money. As reflected in his words from an interview, “With this economy, customers that spend their hard-earned money are expecting the best hospitality and service. We have prided ourselves on always taking the best care of our customers, and as a result, people stay loyal to us. I’m happy that it's appreciated, and these days it really shows.” The world of entertainment is changing and its people like Mark who are suffusing it with vital energy.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum Speaks on Behalf of the New York City Hospitality Alliance

Mark Birnbaum and many other hospitality business owners in New York City have been struggling with regulations and bans placed on bars and restaurants all across the city. The first hurdle was a ban placed on smoking in restaurants and bars, then came the new letter grading system enforced by the New York City Health Department, and to top it off bars and clubs may now be facing bottle service regulations. Mark Birnbaum of EMM Group and his industry colleges, create hundreds of jobs for the city each year. Birnbaum currently owns The Chandelier Room, Abe and Arthur’s, Lexington Brass, Catch, Tenjune and SL.

In the next year, his portfolio is expected to double with outposts of some of his hit venues and new business ventures with Angel Management Group. Every time he opens a new venue, it can create as many as two hundred jobs for the community. Birnbaum has argued this point for years and recently said “I don’t get phone calls that say, ‘I heard you are opening a new restaurant that is going to employ another 200 people. How many I help you?’”. The frustration felt by Mark Birnbaum and industry leaders has led to the creation of the New York City Hospitality Alliance. Until now, business owners have felt powerless against the city. The New York City Hospitality Alliance allows the industry to rally together and have a strong voice when it comes to City Hall’s overpowering bans and regulations. Rather than fight these regulations alone, industry leaders are hoping to find power in numbers as they stand up to the city.

Mark Birnbaum identified his concerns saying, “I am nervous that there will be something that is dramatic that can change our industry and we are not set up to have a voice to say, ‘Wait a minute. Listen to the people that it is really going to affect’”. Until now the City has brushed concerns off with statements like “We will not lower our standards. No industry likes to be regulated. No industry likes to be inspected,” as said by Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner. Statements like this make it evident that the New York City Hospitality Alliance has their work cut out for them, but together they will finally have the chance to voice their opinions and be heard. For more information on nightlife partying spots and events by Mark Birnbaum EMM Group Inc, please Click Here

Monday, 23 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum Inspires the Hospitality Industry

Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm started EMM Group in 2006 with one nightclub venue, Tenjune. It didn’t take them long to realize they had a real knack for the industry. In the past six years, with the help of newest business partner, Michael Hirtenstein, EMM Group has become the industry’s fastest growing hospitality group. Mark Birnbaum of EMM Group is responsible for the Meatpacking District’s biggest and best venues. Abe & Arthur’s, Lexington Brass, Catch, and SL are well known by New York City revelers and big-name celebrities. Mark Birnbaum has an impressive and fast-growing resume and owns the most successful restaurant and nightlife management company in the Big Apple.

Additionally, Birnbaum has an extremely exclusive, invitation only, lifestyle management company called Four Hundred and a privately owned mansion for high-end, celebrity-studded events called The Estate. EMM Group’s venue Catch (and its glamorous lounge Catch Roof located upstairs) has been the talk of the town since opening last year. The posh restaurant and lounge just won Diner’s Choice Awards for Best Hot Spot and Best Seafood Restaurant and even made it on Vanity Fair’s list for Best Places to Party this Summer. EMM Group’s first venue, Tenjune, is still unarguably the city’s best place to dance after 6 flourishing years. Rihanna, Kanye West, Fergie, Sean Patterson, Chris Brown and many other celebrities have been known to frequent EMM Group venues.

New York City party-goers can easily identify Mark Birnbaum and a number of his successful venues. This reigning hospitality king is known for his innovative and sophisticated ideas in the nightlife industry. He is always pushing past conventional concepts and designs for his venues and he has a true knack for standing out, far above his competition. Birnbaum inspires many of his industry colleges and up-and-comers who look up to him and try to model his groundbreaking business ideas. Since forming EMM Group, Mark Birnbaum has truly transformed the industry, pushing past barriers and elevating industry standards with his passion and drive for success.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum-The hospitality honcho with an unorthodox foresight

The swanky New York’s seafood restaurant was recently in news for winning the Diner’s Choice award for best Hot Spot and Seafood restaurant. Those regular to the party circuit can easily associate the success with the name of Mark Birnbaum. This reigning hospitality honcho is revamping the rules of the luxury nightlife industry. A man of pedigree, he has given the revelers a reason to celebrate with his eccentric success.

A millionaire at the age of 34, he is an inspiration to thousands of youngsters who look up to his entrepreneurial ideas. Along with his good friend Eugene Remm and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein, Mark founded the EMM Group in the year 2006. It has been six years now and he has never looked back ever since. The EMM group today is the most successful restaurant and nightlife management companies in the city. It came as no surprise when Mark along with his partners was dubbed as the “The New Kings of New York Nightlife” by the Forbes magazine. The ever-expanding EMM group’s portfolio, today, has restaurants such as Catch, Abe & Arthur’s and Lexington Brass. The swanky nightspots list has successful names such as Tenjune, Catch Roof, SL east and the chandelier room. It also has an exclusive, invitation only, lifestyle management firm called Four Hundred and a privately owned property for star-studded parties called The Estate.

Mark Birnbaum has a clear thinking when it comes to the luxury nightlife industry as he says, “With this economy, customers that spend their hard-earned money are expecting the best hospitality and service. We pride ourselves on always taking the best care of our customers, and as a result, people stay loyal to us. I’m happy that it’s appreciated, and these days it really shows.” On the personal front, he is a man who loves music, which reflects n his very own DJ booth. Other passions include those like Boxing gloves, Aston Martins and vintage sunglasses. The EMM group is constantly evolving and with the foresightedness of Mark makes the revelers question “where is the party tonight?” For more information about Mark Birnbaum EMM Group Inc. Please Click Here

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum Understands the Pulse of Nightlife Industry

Part revelers in Atlantic City have a reason to celebrate as the EMM group along with the west coast hospitality group, angel management, is all set to launch HQ nightclub and HQ beach club. The EMM group is one of the premier restaurants and nightlife management companies in the New York City. The man behind this successful venture is none other than the hospitality honcho Mark Birnbaum. He, along with partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein, has given the New Yorkers a reason to celebrate.

Mark was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he had to work extremely hard in order to carve his success story. The title of being “The New Kings of New York Nightlife” did not come easy as it took more than a decade of toiling. His career started as a promotion manager for a 20000 sq. ft. club in Ithaca and four years after its launch, Mark started his own company, Operative Inc. This venture was associated with two successful launches of the nightclubs Lobby and the AER lounge, which, went on to rewrite the rules of nightlife industry. The AER lounge was also hailed by the Condenast Traveler as one of the best nightclubs in the world. Finally in the year 2006, Mark Birnbaum formed the EMM group.

It is Mark’s unorthodox thinking and flair to take risks that has made him a successful entrepreneur. Even in the year 2007 when the United States was reeling under the economic slowdown, he and his partners did not flinch from investing their millions. He understands that in this dwindling economy, an individual wants value for his/her hard earned money. Therefore, he along with his partners strives to provide the best party experience possible. His successful restaurants and nightspots have seen the likes of various celebrities from the entertainment and the sports world.

The hospitality industry is ever evolving and it is people like Mark who are giving it a new direction from behind the scenes and turning it in to a remarkable experience for any reveler.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Expansion Plans and Success for EMM Group

Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein have aggressive expansion plans under their sleeves for 2012. EMM Group is planning to open an entirely new venue at 199 Bowery in the Meatpacking District, as well as neighboring outposts of the very popular Catch restaurant and SL nightclub in Miami. EMM Group will also be holding a weekend preview on July 6 for their newest venue at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City with Angel Management Group.

Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm started EMM Group in 2006 with a single club, Tenjune, honoring their June 10th Birthdays. They quickly welcomed partner and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein to help with the execution of The Chandelier Room, SL, Abe & Arthur’s, Catch, and Lexington Brass. They also added summer specific venues, Catch Roof, SL East and The Estate. Amongst their ever-growing nightlife and restaurant portfolio, Mark Birnbaum and his EMM Group partners created an exclusive lifestyle and management company called Four Hundred.

With their hectic schedules and a surplus of chic venues to manage, EMM Group still manages to come out as a front-runner in the industry. Bringing their popular New York venues to Miami and expanding to Atlantic City with Angel Management Group are the next best moves for this trio. Mark Birnbaum, Remm and Hirtenstein have proved themselves to be your go-to-guys in the hospitality industry. They throw the most lavish parties, cater to high-end clientele and have completely transformed the Meatpacking District with their nightclubs and restaurants.

For more information on nightlife partying spots and events by Mark Birnbaum, please visit the website www.markbirnbaumemmgroupinc.com

Monday, 2 July 2012

SL East is Heating up the Hamptons

SL East has been heating up the Hamptons since Memorial Day weekend. This is the second summer for the SL outpost, opened by EMM Group owners, Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein. In true EMM Group style, they brought back SL East with a bit of a makeover. Birnbaum, Remm and Hirtenstein revamped the chic summer outpost with an upscale sound system, a new video wall and a stylish outdoor bar. Mark Birnbaum and his EMM Group partners appointed Pavan Pardasani as Director of Marketing, specifically for the Hamptons summer sensation.

Pavan Pardasani is in charge of a guest’s overall experience at SL East. When asked what changes one can expect from last year at the Hampton’s summer venue, Pardasani responded, “I’ve been operating in this space for an entire season, and we understand what we can and can’t do in the space, and we found what works really well. What we’re going to operate on this summer is some really great themes—we’re trying to create an experience within the venue, so guests walk in not knowing what to expect in terms of décor, in terms performances, and in terms of special giveaways and things of that nature. Last year we sprinkled in celebrities and we sprinkled in performances and we’re definitely going to have to enhance the quality of the DJs we’re working with this season because as we continue to grow as a company—we’re opening SL Miami in October—expanding the SL brand to South Beach, it’s really important for us to sort of enhance the experience that people have at SL East to make sure that just the brand overall people are getting what they expect from us.”

Mark Birnbaum and EMM Group Revamp SL East Mark Birnbaum and his EMM Group partners have built a portfolio of successful venues. Each of their business excursions exemplifies the chicness of Manhattan hospitality and nightlife. A large focus of EMM Group is growing their brand and heightening industry standards. SL in the Meatpacking District is as popular as ever, SL East is in full swing, and SL South is preparing for its grand opening later this year. It’s no wonder why EMM Group venues have such a strong following.

For more information on Mark Birnbaum and his EMM Group partners, kindly visit the website www.markbirnbaumemmgroupinc.com