Monday, 2 July 2012

SL East is Heating up the Hamptons

SL East has been heating up the Hamptons since Memorial Day weekend. This is the second summer for the SL outpost, opened by EMM Group owners, Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein. In true EMM Group style, they brought back SL East with a bit of a makeover. Birnbaum, Remm and Hirtenstein revamped the chic summer outpost with an upscale sound system, a new video wall and a stylish outdoor bar. Mark Birnbaum and his EMM Group partners appointed Pavan Pardasani as Director of Marketing, specifically for the Hamptons summer sensation.

Pavan Pardasani is in charge of a guest’s overall experience at SL East. When asked what changes one can expect from last year at the Hampton’s summer venue, Pardasani responded, “I’ve been operating in this space for an entire season, and we understand what we can and can’t do in the space, and we found what works really well. What we’re going to operate on this summer is some really great themes—we’re trying to create an experience within the venue, so guests walk in not knowing what to expect in terms of d├ęcor, in terms performances, and in terms of special giveaways and things of that nature. Last year we sprinkled in celebrities and we sprinkled in performances and we’re definitely going to have to enhance the quality of the DJs we’re working with this season because as we continue to grow as a company—we’re opening SL Miami in October—expanding the SL brand to South Beach, it’s really important for us to sort of enhance the experience that people have at SL East to make sure that just the brand overall people are getting what they expect from us.”

Mark Birnbaum and EMM Group Revamp SL East Mark Birnbaum and his EMM Group partners have built a portfolio of successful venues. Each of their business excursions exemplifies the chicness of Manhattan hospitality and nightlife. A large focus of EMM Group is growing their brand and heightening industry standards. SL in the Meatpacking District is as popular as ever, SL East is in full swing, and SL South is preparing for its grand opening later this year. It’s no wonder why EMM Group venues have such a strong following.

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