Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum Speaks on Behalf of the New York City Hospitality Alliance

Mark Birnbaum and many other hospitality business owners in New York City have been struggling with regulations and bans placed on bars and restaurants all across the city. The first hurdle was a ban placed on smoking in restaurants and bars, then came the new letter grading system enforced by the New York City Health Department, and to top it off bars and clubs may now be facing bottle service regulations. Mark Birnbaum of EMM Group and his industry colleges, create hundreds of jobs for the city each year. Birnbaum currently owns The Chandelier Room, Abe and Arthur’s, Lexington Brass, Catch, Tenjune and SL.

In the next year, his portfolio is expected to double with outposts of some of his hit venues and new business ventures with Angel Management Group. Every time he opens a new venue, it can create as many as two hundred jobs for the community. Birnbaum has argued this point for years and recently said “I don’t get phone calls that say, ‘I heard you are opening a new restaurant that is going to employ another 200 people. How many I help you?’”. The frustration felt by Mark Birnbaum and industry leaders has led to the creation of the New York City Hospitality Alliance. Until now, business owners have felt powerless against the city. The New York City Hospitality Alliance allows the industry to rally together and have a strong voice when it comes to City Hall’s overpowering bans and regulations. Rather than fight these regulations alone, industry leaders are hoping to find power in numbers as they stand up to the city.

Mark Birnbaum identified his concerns saying, “I am nervous that there will be something that is dramatic that can change our industry and we are not set up to have a voice to say, ‘Wait a minute. Listen to the people that it is really going to affect’”. Until now the City has brushed concerns off with statements like “We will not lower our standards. No industry likes to be regulated. No industry likes to be inspected,” as said by Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner. Statements like this make it evident that the New York City Hospitality Alliance has their work cut out for them, but together they will finally have the chance to voice their opinions and be heard. For more information on nightlife partying spots and events by Mark Birnbaum EMM Group Inc, please Click Here

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