Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mark Birnbaum-The hospitality honcho with an unorthodox foresight

The swanky New York’s seafood restaurant was recently in news for winning the Diner’s Choice award for best Hot Spot and Seafood restaurant. Those regular to the party circuit can easily associate the success with the name of Mark Birnbaum. This reigning hospitality honcho is revamping the rules of the luxury nightlife industry. A man of pedigree, he has given the revelers a reason to celebrate with his eccentric success.

A millionaire at the age of 34, he is an inspiration to thousands of youngsters who look up to his entrepreneurial ideas. Along with his good friend Eugene Remm and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein, Mark founded the EMM Group in the year 2006. It has been six years now and he has never looked back ever since. The EMM group today is the most successful restaurant and nightlife management companies in the city. It came as no surprise when Mark along with his partners was dubbed as the “The New Kings of New York Nightlife” by the Forbes magazine. The ever-expanding EMM group’s portfolio, today, has restaurants such as Catch, Abe & Arthur’s and Lexington Brass. The swanky nightspots list has successful names such as Tenjune, Catch Roof, SL east and the chandelier room. It also has an exclusive, invitation only, lifestyle management firm called Four Hundred and a privately owned property for star-studded parties called The Estate.

Mark Birnbaum has a clear thinking when it comes to the luxury nightlife industry as he says, “With this economy, customers that spend their hard-earned money are expecting the best hospitality and service. We pride ourselves on always taking the best care of our customers, and as a result, people stay loyal to us. I’m happy that it’s appreciated, and these days it really shows.” On the personal front, he is a man who loves music, which reflects n his very own DJ booth. Other passions include those like Boxing gloves, Aston Martins and vintage sunglasses. The EMM group is constantly evolving and with the foresightedness of Mark makes the revelers question “where is the party tonight?” For more information about Mark Birnbaum EMM Group Inc. Please Click Here

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