Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mark Birnbaum – The Success Story Of The King Of Nightlife

When it comes to the hospitality industry, Mark Brinbaum is a name to reckon with. The 32 year old entrepreneur, who is the founding partner of the EMM Group, has played a key role in redefining the concept of nightlife in downtown Manhattan. His innovative ideas and passion for exclusivity have been instrumental in placing EMM Group amongst the league of the most successful hospitality, lifestyle and management companies of New York.

Inspired by the likes of Andre Balazs and Keith McNally, Mark Birnbaum  has been working in the hospitality industry for over 13 years. He started his career as a promotions director for nightlife and special events, at a mega-club spanning over an area of 22,000 sq. ft. in the heart of Ithaca in New York. The club also helped him to refine his managerial skills which proved instrumental towards his success as a hospitality kingpin in the later years of his career. 

Later, Mark established a nightlife consulting company named Operative Inc., which became the base for setting up his first elite nightclub in Manhattan, named the Lobby Nightclub.

Termed as one of the most successful nightlife events in history, the grand opening of the Lobby Nightclub and its unprecedented success became the stepping stone for the successful career of Mark Birnbaum in the nightlife and hospitality industry. It also resulted in his being hired not only for starting and managing the AER Lounge but also for handling its public relations, promotions and other events. Under the able administration of Mark, the AER Lounge reached a pinnacle of success and ranked amongst the top nightclubs around the globe.

Three years later, Mark started another successful phase of his career by entering into partnership with his long time friend Eugene Remm and another business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein, to establish the EMM Group. The opening of the Tenjune nightclub in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan was just the beginning of a new era in the nightlife industry as well as the very first of the series of successful ventures that were to become a part of the EMM Group’s portfolio.  Today, when it comes to enjoying a great evening at one of the finest nightclubs in Manhattan, the various nightclubs, operated by the EMM group are the most obvious choice for New Yorkers.

Mark Birnbaum, is a partner in the EMM Group, which is regarded as the most successful, hospitality, lifestyle and management company of New York. Since being set up in 2006, the company has become the undisputed leader when it comes to organizing numerous events and growing into a multi-faceted center for successful site possession and finishing.

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