Monday, 27 January 2014

The man who offers the best of the nightlife

When it comes to entertainment venues, nightclubs are the hottest place for young crowds to hang out, meet new people, socialize, while dancing and drinking. It’s pretty much the best destination to have fun.

The attraction of these nightlife venues varies from club to club. Young crowds find these spots to be the most amazing places to get together with friends to enjoy drinks, listen to all kinds of music, and just dance the night away.

These clubs are excellent for organizing parties, or any other entertainment based event. With music as their main attraction, these establishments, play music from different genres including; trance, heavy metal, Salsa, Hip Hop, Techno, Drum and Bass.  Drinks are also a main feature for these clubs.

Currently Most cities are overcrowded with nightlife venues. With so many options out there, nightclub owners need to come up with unique and special features that will make their establishments stand out. Providing the best in entertainment like; hot music bands, and special cocktails and drinks, are some of the major attractions used for a club’s promotion.

When we talk about the nightlife industry, the first name that comes to mind is that of Mark Birnbaum. His successful venue ownership, wide array of nightclubs and restaurants across New York are the main reason for the title of ‘King of NY’s nightlife’.

His clubs in NY are some of the most enthralling places to be at, and are mostly sought after by the city’s partygoers. Mark’s clubs are famous for offering a perfect blend of top quality atmosphere, thrilling music, drinks and everything that makes a club, a success.

In 2006, Mark came in association with partners, Eugene Remm and Michael Hartenstein and together they founded the EMM group. The group holds a history of successful venue ownership, and countless of established nightlife venues across the Meatpacking District.

Mark is the main reason behind the success of the EMM group.


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