Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mark Birnbaum: The Unprecedented King of Nightlife Saga

The tough economy has not stopped Mark Birnbaum from making his fortune in the realms of hospitality and lifestyle. Party goers in the New York City area could not have asked for more with such great lounges like the Tenjune and the Chandelier Room, where one is bound to rub shoulders with celebrities and sports stars. This famous people help in making a fun and splendid atmosphere with their performances guaranteeing you an unparallel party experience. Mark is a partner of multimillion dollars EMM group, which includes Eugene Remm and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein.

This hospitality mogul started his career in 1998 as promotions director, he then launched a big club in Ithaca, which had an area of around 22000 sq feet. Then in 2002, Mark Birnbaum   launched the company Operative Inc with the grand opening of the nightclub Lobby, which is deemed as one of the most famous events in the history of nightlife. The staggering success that followed made EMM as one of the most preferred groups for hospitality and nightlife services.

The partners today have a chain of lounges, restaurants, a house in Sag Harbor used for hosting parties for the likes of Gossip girl and VH1. Mark Birnbaum along with his partners has forayed in to restaurants that promise a unique dining experience as well as the mystifying elegance at Abe & Arthur’s named after their partner’s grandfathers, and the Catch and Lexington Brass.

 “Abe & Arthur’s “restaurant along with its unconventional décor, offers its clients  the flavor of modern American cuisine, as well as a great Mediterranean cuisine, and superb Asian cuisine ,where Hung Huyn a winner of Top Chef, provides exotic seafood flavors .

Lexington Brass caters to the Manhattan diners, with its food and shining façade ushering the diners in.
The EMM group along with Mark is ready to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the nightlife and hospitality industry by providing one of its best and most unique customer experiences.

For more information on Mark Birnbaum, please visit the website www.markbirnbaumemmgroupinc.com

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