Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mark Birnbaum brings Rapture Moods in a High-Energy Paradise

The excitement of NYC’s night life is always at its high! And the one thing, which is widespread among party goers’  and always makes them dribble with excitement, is the gateway of Mark Birnbaum’s ecstatic lounge ,jam packed with Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, ravishing divas and the entourage of stars studded artists & performers. However, when it comes to please their appetite, it is the Big Apple restaurants from the EMM Group entity, founded by Eugene Remm, Mark Birnbaum and Michael Hirtenstein, with their fine dining that relishes the taste buds of every diner.
Mark’s EMM Group Inc. ventures some of the hottest hangout zones in the vivid ambience that attracts revelries to be treated in a way that dominates all other hospitality experience catering across the entire NYC area.

Let us talk about the chronicles of the group, its founders and the ultimate dining establishments that take its customers to cloud nine.

·         Abe & Arthur’s: The first EMM Group venture, named in honor of the partner’s grandfathers, Abe & Arthur’s is a unique dining experience restaurant known for its contemporary American Cuisine. The stylish twists in décor and atmosphere make it a favorite destination in Big Apple city to savor some of the specialty dishes and sparkling drinks.

·         Catch: A multi-level landmark restaurant that offers inspiring seafood by the Top Chef winner Hung Huynh in the real exotic flavors of Asia and Mediterranean is the most sought after location for a fine dining experience in NYC.

·         Lexington Brass: For the modern Manhattan diners, this restaurant gives a refined treatment with its new generation usher and a gleaming façade mystically. In just a few weeks of its opening, the place has become the only and best choice for many diners.

According to Mark Birnbaum, “customers who spend good amount of money socializing and savoring delicious delights that accented from different parts of the world, would always expect lavish hospitality and top-class customer service.”

For more information on Mark Birnbaum, please visit the website www.markbirnbaumemmgroupinc.com.

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