Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mark Birnbaum and the Saga of his Successful ‘Catch’

Last Halloween the famous seafood restaurant of mogul Mark Birnbaum saw the likes of supermodel Miranda Kerr, who hosted her circus themed party on its dazzling roof. With many encouraging reviews for best class experience, Catch has become the favorite haunt of the New York’s nocturnal crowd serving delectable cuisine in an unparallel dining environment.

Many New Yorker’s have made it a ritual to dine at Catch on weekdays to enjoy its delicious menu, and then relax in the upstairs lounge with their friends  Here, one can be sure  to come across famous celebrities, sports stars and DJs from all over the world.

Catch is one of the best ventures of the EMM group, which was launched on October 1, 2011, with seafood delicacies being dished out by Top Chef Winner - Hung Huynh.
Catch has a seating capacity of over three hundred plus a rooftop lounge, it is easy to transform the Manhattan nightlife into a power charged experience. Forget weekends, even on weekdays, party appointments and dining schedules are often overbooked.

It was Mark’s hard work and his penchant for creating eccentric experiences in the nightlife industry, which has made Catch a huge success in the New York’s nightlife mania. Starting his career as a promotions director in the year 1998, he has many promotions and marketing events to his career portfolio.

The AER lounge in Manhattan, which was voted as one of the best nightclubs in the world, has Mark Birnbaum behind its success.
The EMM group was formed from the successful execution and venue ownership between him, a close friend Eugene Remm and a business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstien in the year 2006. EMM group’s other launches include restaurants Lexington Brass and Abe & Arthur’s with nightlife lounges such as SL, Tenjune, Chandelier Room, SL East and Catch Roof.

Under the futuristic vision of Mark Birnbaum,, the EMM group is rapidly expanding and promising varied entertainment experiences for the buzzing New York nightlife.

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