Monday, 29 April 2013

BlackBook Chats with EMM Group Pastry Chef

BlackBook recently stopped by to chat with Thiago Silva – the 28-year-old Brazilian executive pastry chef behind all of Mark Birnabum's and the EMM Group’s restaurants. Thiago is also the one behind the creation of The General's most esteemed and talking about dessert: it's cereal topped doughnuts. Yup, you heard right. When asked about the doughnut creation, Thiago replied:
“A lot of people think I was high when I came up with the idea,” Thiago says. “But I wanted a breakfast item, so I combined my favorite breakfast cereals with my really great doughnut recipe.”
And don't worry. There's a delicious doughnut from out menu across all of the restaurants. At CATCH NY, CATCH Miami, Lexington Brass, and Abe & Arthur’s, you’ll find one signature doughnut. For our CATCH Miami location, you'll be privy to our key lime doughnut. At The General, it's the green tea flavored one. For the rest of Mark Birnbaum's hot spots it varies. Anything from something like a pumpkin flavored doughnut to peaches and cream.

Thiago, who’s also had no formal culinary training was doing his thing long before EMM Group added him to their elite crew of chefs and staff. In the past he's even made cakes for folks such as Brooke Shields, three cakes for Sofia Vergara, and the entire New York Giants squad, the day after they won the Super Bowl.

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