Friday, 6 April 2012

Mark Birnbaum - the Successful Name behind the Exuberant New York Nightlife

The trendy Manhattan restaurant Abe & Arthur recently saw the likes of Kris Humphries celebrating his birthday and regaling in its hospitality. The restaurant is known to host the glitterati of New York’s wining and dining scene. There is a man who works very hard to keep this successful show running, and he is none other than Mark Birnbaum. As a partner in the EMM Group, his innovative foresight has helped to change the events that are organized. It is all due to his endeavors that New Yorkers are now reveling in the fine dining and nightlife.

Success did not come knocking at Mark’s door, as he had to work hard to reach this pinnacle. The tag of being “The King of New York’s Nightlife” has been earned after overcoming many hurdles. The journey to his success started in the year 1998 with the launch of a mega club in Ithaca. This was followed by Marks entrepreneurial venture ‘Operative Inc’ that was credited with the launch of the successful club Lobby, followed shortly by AER Lounge that was termed by the Conde Nast traveler as one of the best places to party in the world.

The birth of EMM Group came about in the year 2006, when Mark Birnbaum collaborated along with his best friend Eugene Remm and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein. Today the EMM group is one of the biggest players in the luxury hospitality industry. The various endeavors of this group include the restaurants Catch, Lexington Brass and Abe’s & Arthur’s. Their nightlife lounges or clubs include the SL, TenJune and Chandelier room. Mark has also joined the lifestyle of the management bandwagon through 400 and the Estate.

Mark Birnbaum is the perfect example of futuristic thinking and hard work, which helps to bring about innovative changes.

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