Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mark Birnbaum – from Humble Beginnings to Hospitality Mogul

Anyone looking to enjoy a delightful seafood dinner in New York’s meatpacking district should head straight to “Catch” restaurant. The man behind this successful seafood restaurant is none other than hospitality monarch Mark Birnbaum. A successful entrepreneur and visionary, whose aptitude for risk taking has made him a success. During the economic slowdown of 2007, when everyone was struggling and no one even dreamed of investing; Mark and good friend Eugene Remm invested in the very hip nightspot - TenJune.

Success was never served on a silver platter for Mark Birnbaum who had to work very hard to make it big in the hospitality industry. His career started with the launch of a 22,000 sq feet mega club in Ithaca. Mark started his own entrepreneurial venture with Operative Inc which was credited for the launch of Lobby, a trendy nightspot. The Lobby’s success was phenomenal and it led to another big assignment, the AER Lounge, which went on to make history. It was named by Conde Nast traveler as one of the best nightspots around the world.

In the year 2006, along with business entrepreneur Mark Hirtenstein and his friend Eugene Remm, formed the EMM Group which has made a niche for itself in the luxury and hospitality industry. The famous nightclubs in this group include Tenjune, Chandelier Room and SL East. Anyone who is looking for the incomparable party experience can head to these nightclubs to have a good time with great music and enjoy the many celebrities that attend their clubs. Mark and his partners have also scored a home run with their string of restaurants that include Abe & Arthur’s, Lexington Brass and Catch. The meteoric success of Mark and his partners has led to them being named as “The New Kings of New York Nightlife.”
Under the leadership of Mark, the EMM Group is expanding its portfolio and changing the rules for the hospitality business.

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