Thursday, 9 August 2012

Grammy Nominated AVICII to Perform a Set at HQ Nightclub

When Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein of EMM Group joined Angel Management Group for the execution and management of Revel Resort’s HQ Nightclub, we knew these powerful hospitality groups would deliver an unforgettable experience. One month after the big debut weekend for HQ Nightclub, EMM and Angel are already pulling out all the stops. Sunday, August 5, world renowned, Grammy-nominated DJ AVICII will be performing an exclusive, sold out set in the entertainment destination.

AVICII is a 22 year old Swedish DJ who is easily one of the most in demand music artists across North America. He creates the most unique and dance worthy electronic beats and has worked with other industry big-names like David Guetta and Tiesto. This is perhaps the biggest year yet for AVICII. Not only did he just wrap up his North American tour “Le7els” but he is releasing his debut album and headlining Lollapalooza, an event that showcases only the best artists before a whopping 50,000 fans.

Performing at HQ Nightclub, Revel’s brand new, 40,000-square-foot venue, is another huge milestone for the talented 22 year old. The resort is the biggest in Atlantic City, featuring more than 1,800 rooms, ocean front views, a 32,000 square foot spa, 14 restaurants and the best nightlife entertainment in town. HQ Nightclub has a lot of buzz surrounding it. It is Mark Birnbaum‘s largest business venture yet in EMM Group and is extravagant in all the right ways. AVICII will be the first to perform in the custom-made DJ booth that features a suspended performance stage set right above.


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