Sunday, 19 August 2012

When it is about New York’s Night Life, it is actually about Mark Birnbaum

Ask any young New Yorker, where to go for great nightlife and you will be hear the echo of the same names - Go check Tenjune, SL, Chandelier Room, Four Hundred, The Estate, Event Production, Abe & Arthur’s, Catch and Lexington Brass. The next question you may have is, “Who owns these hotspots?” and the answer you will instantly receive will be, Mark Birnbaum, along with his partners of EMM Group.

Mark, an inside man of the hospitality industry, seems like he is born with a passion for these nightlife paradises. Throughout his life, countless times, he has risked everything he earned for the productive realization of his one and only dream; nightlife full of night life. To this date, Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein are the spine of New York’s nightlife. Mark and his group always remained in news for grand gala parties and grabbed maximum spotlights and media attention for the outpouring of social icons and celebrities. Recently, they have been catering A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Carmelo Anthony and Kanye West and many others.    

Truly said, “When you dream a dream, you have to dream it alone.”  So was true with Mark, when he took his first steps into this industry he was all alone, but now he is a crowned as the king of New York’s Hospitality Industry and an active partner of a group which is a feeding hand to more than 700 people.

Recessions, economic imbalances and financial crises are something from which Mark’s places seem to be shielded from. Any New Yorker cannot forget the economic disaster that crawled in the United States’ Economy five years back (2007), but who also can’t forget Mark’s venue Tenjune, and its overwhelming success, even during the economic slump?  Mark Birnbaum has studied different books of business and unlike other honchos of their respective businesses; he is orthodox in his ways. Anyone who has tried to glimpse a sneak-peak into his business tactics will reach one single conclusion, Mark Birnbaum is “a man with his own panache for taking risks.”

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