Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mark Birnbaum’s Journey From Nothing To Everything In The Nightlife!

A few years back, when Mark started his career, not many people expected him to make it big. But as they say,the unexpected happens to people who deserve it; and in the case of Marks its so true.

Some of you may call it destiny, but Mark himself considers it as the output of intense hard work and dedication. Mark Birnbaum the 35 years old entrepreneur and the co-founder of the EMM group, gives the credit of his success to his hard work and the support of his partners.

While the whole world is dealing with the financial recession, Mark and his partners walk on the road of triumph; with their successfully running nightlife spots in the heart of New York City. They arent just busy making money, but they are also creating strategies to make an even bigger empire.

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