Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Party Time at New Jersey - Mark Birnbaum is the Creative Genius with the Chic Chandelier Room

Mark Birnbaum Chandelier Room

It is always Arduous to Do Something New, But Mark Birnbaum Rose to the Challenge yet again with Chandelier Room!

Co-owner of EMM Group, Mark Birnbaum, 34, is one of the visionaries behind some of the New York’s top restaurants and nightclub gigs. Put it this way: If you happen to be in the Meatpacking District, chances are you are at one of their hot spots, and in case you happen to be at one their hot spots, you are undeniably having the time of your life full-blast.

Birnbaum, a hot hospitality honcho is widely known for having transformed the Meatpacking District in NYC. His innovative ideas and high taste for a sophisticated and swish ambience have raised the hospitability and lifestyle industry’s standards to a new high. In addition to taking a tool over the nightlife of NYC by storm, Birnbaum and his business associates at EMM group launched “Chandelier Room” in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Birnbaum already possessed years of expertise and experience in the hospitality industry when he decided to open the “Chandelier Room” in 2008. Moreover, he has already mastered marketing, PR, event management and promotions. He was well versed with the challenges of opening up and administrating an elite nightclub, after working zealously to launch “Tenjune” in the Meatpacking District back in the year 2006. Mark Birnbaum had always had a knack for the hospitality industry, but his extravagant and plush taste helped lift his career to sky heights. As a business tycoon and successful restaurateur, Birnbaum spares no expense when it comes to launching the best venues.

Chandelier room, upon inauguration, has brought a novel nightlife concept to Hoboken. Situated at the W Hoboken Residences & Hotels, Chandelier Room is giving a way for a new epoch of style for the city. This exquisite place boasts of glazed cognac leathers, cooper tiles and the nucleus of the place is an eye-popping chandelier. EEM groups know it well that location is a major consideration when it comes to selecting the perfect venue. The Chandelier room is situated in the heart of Jersey. This 4,000 sq-foot space is an indoor-outdoor leisure place, rendering guests with an assortment of signature cocktails, exclusive events and breathtaking views.

Mark Birnbaum has experienced gigantic success in his career. He has nightclubs and restaurants in NYC, New Jersey and Hoboken, and soon he will even have nightclubs in Miami. Having accomplished success by creating the perfect fusion between hospitality and nightlife, Birnbaum continues to develop ideas that sets EMM Group’s business model apart, making endeavours to elevate and heighten the industry on all fronts.

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