Monday, 22 October 2012

Mark Birnbaum – The Creator of Luxurious Nightlife & Hospitality Hotspots

Looking for an exquisite wining and dining experience, then head to the suave seafood restaurant ‘Catch’ in the meatpacking district of Manhattan. Always a perfect setting; whether a high profile event or a private soiree for the rich and the famous. The man behind this successful story is none other than hospitality mogul Mark Birnbaum. He has the perfect ingredients for the success of Catch with the ambience, hospitality and top chef winner Hung Huynh.

It just does not stop there, with his entrepreneurial venture of the EMM Group which he created with good friend Eugene Remm and business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein, Mark has provided an unparallel nightlife experience to all New Yorkers. The EMM Group which he started in 2006 has become a brand name in the luxury and hospitality industry. Whether it a night life experience with their clubs like TenJune, Catch roof, Chandelier Room and SL East or a great dining experience with Lexington Brass or Abe & Arthur’s, the trio has surely hit it big.

So how does he keep his endeavors in the meatpacking district? The answer is easy by catering to the demands of its patrons and offering them an unparallel experience. His love for the nightlife industry is evident from one of his oldest interviews after the launch of the Lobby in which he said, “I have always thrown parties, and always wanted to do that. When 9-11 happened, I lived right across the street, and then the economy took a nose-dive and I figured it's better to do what makes you happy, doing what you want to do and that will make you successful and happy.”

When everyone was reeling under the economic meltdown of 2007, Mark and his partners were busy investing their millions to acquire more space for their ventures. It is easy to guess why Mark Birnbaum is the reigning king of the nightlife industry in New York, it is his flair to take risks and deliver nothing short of the best. Mark is a busy man with his two new hotspots 199 Bowery and Catch in Miami, it’s yet to be seen whether they live up to the standards of the EMM group.

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