Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mark Birnbaum’s Journey From Nothing To Everything In The Nightlife!

A few years back, when Mark started his career, not many people expected him to make it big. But as they say,the unexpected happens to people who deserve it; and in the case of Marks its so true.

Some of you may call it destiny, but Mark himself considers it as the output of intense hard work and dedication. Mark Birnbaum the 35 years old entrepreneur and the co-founder of the EMM group, gives the credit of his success to his hard work and the support of his partners.

While the whole world is dealing with the financial recession, Mark and his partners walk on the road of triumph; with their successfully running nightlife spots in the heart of New York City. They arent just busy making money, but they are also creating strategies to make an even bigger empire.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

When it is about New York’s Night Life, it is actually about Mark Birnbaum

Ask any young New Yorker, where to go for great nightlife and you will be hear the echo of the same names - Go check Tenjune, SL, Chandelier Room, Four Hundred, The Estate, Event Production, Abe & Arthur’s, Catch and Lexington Brass. The next question you may have is, “Who owns these hotspots?” and the answer you will instantly receive will be, Mark Birnbaum, along with his partners of EMM Group.

Mark, an inside man of the hospitality industry, seems like he is born with a passion for these nightlife paradises. Throughout his life, countless times, he has risked everything he earned for the productive realization of his one and only dream; nightlife full of night life. To this date, Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein are the spine of New York’s nightlife. Mark and his group always remained in news for grand gala parties and grabbed maximum spotlights and media attention for the outpouring of social icons and celebrities. Recently, they have been catering A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Carmelo Anthony and Kanye West and many others.    

Truly said, “When you dream a dream, you have to dream it alone.”  So was true with Mark, when he took his first steps into this industry he was all alone, but now he is a crowned as the king of New York’s Hospitality Industry and an active partner of a group which is a feeding hand to more than 700 people.

Recessions, economic imbalances and financial crises are something from which Mark’s places seem to be shielded from. Any New Yorker cannot forget the economic disaster that crawled in the United States’ Economy five years back (2007), but who also can’t forget Mark’s venue Tenjune, and its overwhelming success, even during the economic slump?  Mark Birnbaum has studied different books of business and unlike other honchos of their respective businesses; he is orthodox in his ways. Anyone who has tried to glimpse a sneak-peak into his business tactics will reach one single conclusion, Mark Birnbaum is “a man with his own panache for taking risks.”

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Party Time at New Jersey - Mark Birnbaum is the Creative Genius with the Chic Chandelier Room

Mark Birnbaum Chandelier Room

It is always Arduous to Do Something New, But Mark Birnbaum Rose to the Challenge yet again with Chandelier Room!

Co-owner of EMM Group, Mark Birnbaum, 34, is one of the visionaries behind some of the New York’s top restaurants and nightclub gigs. Put it this way: If you happen to be in the Meatpacking District, chances are you are at one of their hot spots, and in case you happen to be at one their hot spots, you are undeniably having the time of your life full-blast.

Birnbaum, a hot hospitality honcho is widely known for having transformed the Meatpacking District in NYC. His innovative ideas and high taste for a sophisticated and swish ambience have raised the hospitability and lifestyle industry’s standards to a new high. In addition to taking a tool over the nightlife of NYC by storm, Birnbaum and his business associates at EMM group launched “Chandelier Room” in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Birnbaum already possessed years of expertise and experience in the hospitality industry when he decided to open the “Chandelier Room” in 2008. Moreover, he has already mastered marketing, PR, event management and promotions. He was well versed with the challenges of opening up and administrating an elite nightclub, after working zealously to launch “Tenjune” in the Meatpacking District back in the year 2006. Mark Birnbaum had always had a knack for the hospitality industry, but his extravagant and plush taste helped lift his career to sky heights. As a business tycoon and successful restaurateur, Birnbaum spares no expense when it comes to launching the best venues.

Chandelier room, upon inauguration, has brought a novel nightlife concept to Hoboken. Situated at the W Hoboken Residences & Hotels, Chandelier Room is giving a way for a new epoch of style for the city. This exquisite place boasts of glazed cognac leathers, cooper tiles and the nucleus of the place is an eye-popping chandelier. EEM groups know it well that location is a major consideration when it comes to selecting the perfect venue. The Chandelier room is situated in the heart of Jersey. This 4,000 sq-foot space is an indoor-outdoor leisure place, rendering guests with an assortment of signature cocktails, exclusive events and breathtaking views.

Mark Birnbaum has experienced gigantic success in his career. He has nightclubs and restaurants in NYC, New Jersey and Hoboken, and soon he will even have nightclubs in Miami. Having accomplished success by creating the perfect fusion between hospitality and nightlife, Birnbaum continues to develop ideas that sets EMM Group’s business model apart, making endeavours to elevate and heighten the industry on all fronts.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

EMM Group Reinvents New York City Dining

Mark Birnbaum

Mark Birnbaum, owner of EMM Group, founded the hospitality company in 2006. Within 6 years he has opened several of New York City’s most prevalent nightclubs and restaurants. Lexington Brass, located at 517 Lexington Avenue, is one of the most popular bistros in New York City. Another radiating EMM Group restaurant is Abe & Arthur’s, also located in the Meatpacking District at 409 West 14th Street. Both menus take on familiar dishes that remind one of a home-cooked meal but with more sophisticated elements.

Lexington Brass has a wide variety of dishes, and with that comes menu favorites. Lobster mac & cheese is one of those staple menu items at Lexington Brass that keeps customers coming back time and time again. There is just enough lobster meat involved so it does not overpower the dish but enough to satisfy your palate. It is perfectly balanced with the cheese and pasta – and who doesn’t love crispy, perfectly golden breadcrumbs baked atop their mac & cheese? This is yet another classic American dish with a sophisticated twist at Lexington Brass that has become a favorite amongst patrons. Another popular menu item is the fried chicken. Unbelievably crispy and flavorful, the fried chicken has buttermilk dipped skin and moist and tender meat. To top it off, the fried chicken is served with honey butter that is savory and sweet and doesn’t disappoint.

At Abe & Arthur’s the menu consists of an array of American favorites from a 40 ounce, 21-Day Dry Aged Prime Porterhouse Steak to fun sides like Texas Style Onion Rings and Whole Cauliflower with Pistachios & Caramel. The menu at this elegant Midtown Manhattan restaurant also features an array of soups and salads, delectable appetizers, steaks and chops, and even raw bar dishes.

The name Abe & Arthur’s came in-part from Mark Birnbaum’s grandfather. “Arthur is my grandfather, Abe is Michael’s grandfather. And the “S” in SL [the name of EMM Group’s nightclub located downstairs from the restaurant] stands for Eugene’s grandfather, Simyone” Birnbaum said. EMM Group always finds ways to innovate traditional restaurants and menu items. Abe & Arthur’s and Lexington Brass, in true EMM fashion, reinvent city dining and elevate industry standards.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Grammy Nominated AVICII to Perform a Set at HQ Nightclub

When Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein of EMM Group joined Angel Management Group for the execution and management of Revel Resort’s HQ Nightclub, we knew these powerful hospitality groups would deliver an unforgettable experience. One month after the big debut weekend for HQ Nightclub, EMM and Angel are already pulling out all the stops. Sunday, August 5, world renowned, Grammy-nominated DJ AVICII will be performing an exclusive, sold out set in the entertainment destination.

AVICII is a 22 year old Swedish DJ who is easily one of the most in demand music artists across North America. He creates the most unique and dance worthy electronic beats and has worked with other industry big-names like David Guetta and Tiesto. This is perhaps the biggest year yet for AVICII. Not only did he just wrap up his North American tour “Le7els” but he is releasing his debut album and headlining Lollapalooza, an event that showcases only the best artists before a whopping 50,000 fans.

Performing at HQ Nightclub, Revel’s brand new, 40,000-square-foot venue, is another huge milestone for the talented 22 year old. The resort is the biggest in Atlantic City, featuring more than 1,800 rooms, ocean front views, a 32,000 square foot spa, 14 restaurants and the best nightlife entertainment in town. HQ Nightclub has a lot of buzz surrounding it. It is Mark Birnbaum‘s largest business venture yet in EMM Group and is extravagant in all the right ways. AVICII will be the first to perform in the custom-made DJ booth that features a suspended performance stage set right above.

Source: http://www.markbirnbaumemmgroupinc.com/2012/08/02/grammy-nominated-avicii-to-perform-a-set-at-hq-nightclub/

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tenjune New York City’s Best Place to Dance

Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm, co-founders of EMM Group, opened their first big New York nightlife sensation Tenjune back in 2006. Immediately upon opening, Tenjune was a big hit with party-goers and welcomed some big names like Kanye West and Diddy regularly. Six years later, it comes as no surprise that Tenjune is still considered one of the best places to dance in New York City.

Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein have worked hard to sustain a reputation as being the top hospitality group on the east coast. Tenjune, located in the Meatpacking District of NYC is what started it all for EMM Group and is just one of many milestones for this trio. The club still holds lavish parties for A-list hip-hop artists and incredible events hosted by the world’s most popular rappers such as Trey Songz. After the club’s revamp last year, the full LED ceiling has become a focal point of Tenjune along with the glow in the dark art work that emanates the walls. One thing that has remained the same, the popular horseshoe-shaped dance floor that has been driven by renowned celebrity DJs while New York City socialites dance to the radiating beats.

Tenjune was named in celebration of Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm’s shared June 10th birthdays. Since opening in 2006, Tenjune has celebrated more than just birthdays and has kick started EMM Group’s very successful career. EMM Group has since opened Catch NYC, Catch Rooftop Lounge, Abe & Arthur’s, Lexington Brass, The Chandelier Room, SL, SL East and has even partnered up with Angel Management Group to take over Revel’s HQ Nightclub.

Post Published at: http://www.markbirnbaumemmgroupinc.com/2012/07/10/tenjune-new-york-citys-best-place-to-dance/

Monday, 6 August 2012

Mark Birnbaum – The Reigning King of the Hospitality Industry in New York

When it comes to eminent names in the hospitality and lifestyle industry, Mark Birnbaum is the name topping the charts. When it comes to relishing elite services in the hospitality industry, again his is the same name to trust.

This 32 year old hospitality honcho, who is also the founding partner of the well-known EMM Group, has played a chief role in redefining the concept of rocking nightlife in downtown Manhattan. His innovative concepts and passion for elitism have truly been instrumental in positioning EMM Group amongst the league of most successful hospitality and management companies of New York City.

Titled by Forbes Magazine as the “New Kings of Nightlife in New York”, he along with partners Michael Hirtenstein and Eugene Remm have launched a number of bedazzling restaurants and nightlife venues with a magnetic fusion of ambience, ace service, sophistication and entertainment.

By the year 2002, he opened his own consulting company that inexorably led to the opening of his first nightclub, “The Lobby Nightclub”, in the heart of Manhattan. With the phenomenal success of The Lobby Nightclub, Mark Birnbaum went to start another huge venture-AER Lounge, which went to make history. It was recognized by Conde Nast traveller as one of the hippest nightspot across the globe. When party poppers enter any of his nightclubs or restaurants in New York, they enjoy their time so much that they do not want twilight to go and dawn to come.

In the year 2006, along with his friend Eugene Remm and entrepreneurs Mark Hirtenstein, established the EMM Group that has make a remarkable niche for itself in the hospitality area. The popular discotheques of this enterprise include Chandelier Room, SL East and Tenjune. Anyone who loves rocking parties and is scouting for an unparallel party time can head to any of Mark’s nightclubs to have a great experience with excellent DJ and relish the company of well-known celebrities that are frequently visit these clubs. The EMM Group have also scored a home run along with their series of restaurants that include Lexington Brass, Catch and Abe & Arthur. The meteoric success of Brinbaum has led to him being titled as “The King of New York’s Nightlife Saga and Hospitality Magnet.”

Under the management of Mark Birnbaum, the EMM Group is thriving, diversifying its portfolio and changing the rules for the lifestyle and hospitality business.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

EMM Group’s Hung Huynh on Board with Catch Miami

Hung Huynh first joined the hospitality honcho’s at EMM Group after his big win on season three of Top Chef. Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein of EMM Group knew they had to do something big for Catch in order to match the success of their other restaurants in the Meatpacking District. Acquiring the expertise of Top Chef winner Hung Huynh was the perfect strategy for making Catch NYC the sensational hit that it is.

Catch, located at 21 9th Avenue in New York City, is a three-floor, 14,000 square-foot seafood restaurant that can seat 260 people.  Hung Huynh contributed dishes like jumbo Cantonese-style lobster, Crispy Whole Red Snapper for two with Oyster Mushrooms, Dungeness Crab Tagliatelli with Flying Fish Roe & Scallion Tomato Sauce, and one of the dishes that helped dub him Top Chef, hamachi tartare with avocado, tomato vinegar, and fingerling potato chips. In EMM Group tradition, it was important that Huynh made everything large-scale and with over-the-top, indulgent flavors. “This is the first restaurant of my dreams,” Huynh said when announcing his collaboration with EMM Group for Catch.

Later this year, Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein will once again use the culinary expertise of Hung Huynh to launch the much anticipated outpost of Catch in South Beach Miami within the James Royal Palm Hotel. Catch began when Remm and Birnbaum realized that there were no seafood restaurants in the Meatpacking District. Once a suitable location opened up, they grabbed it and soon after, acquired Huynh. The same can be said for Catch in Miami. While throwing a big party in Miami, the hospitality kings “noticed a lack of seafood-specific restaurant options in Miami, and a desire expressed by its residents for more social, shareable, city-style dining” said Mark Birnbaum. With Hung Huynh on board, there are endless possibilities for Catch. Miami is just one of many exciting milestones for Catch Restaurant.